Shop it Forward to keep hundreds of thousands of kiwis employed during the lockdown

97% of businesses in New Zealand employ 20 people or less; small businesses are the backbone of the economy. So while online businesses can’t use couriers right now to get products to you, we are asking kiwis with the means to spend to support small businesses and SHOP IT FORWARD! Those companies you support will arrange delivery of your goods as soon as it’s legal and safe (stay patient NZ!), in the meantime you’ll be keeping New Zealand working. Let’s make SHOP IT FORWARD a unique kiwi solution to keeping businesses in business during the lockdown. 


Think small first. Shop it Forward with these little kiwi companies and show them some love.


Get the word out on Shop it Forward

Download all the Shop It Forward graphics you need for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can spread the word on Shop It Forward to your family, friends and customers. Let’s do everything we can to keep New Zealand working.