What if I am a hospitality business and don’t have a product to sell right now?

That is all good. If you have vouchers available for purchase our incredible friends at SOS Café are helping Kiwis find small cafes and restaurants to support right now. Other types of service businesses can also list on this website so full out the form and we will get you listed.

What happens if I can’t afford to Shop It Forward?

That is totally ok. We know this is a tough moment financially for so many people. There are lots of ways you can support small businesses and Shop It Forward without purchasing items. Take a look here

What happens if the business I buy from closes before I receive my purchase?

Every business that signs up to Shop It Forward promises to sell in good faith and only sell what believe they will be able to supply. There may however be instances, in this tough economic moment where new, unforeseen circumstances arise that forces the company to close. In this case you may not receive your purchase. We know this may feel a little risky to buy from small businesses at this time but the more of us who can support them, the more likely they can continue to run and keep operating.

How can I get listed on this site?

Just fill out this simple form and will get you listed as soon as possible.