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Haylo is situated in the heart of Miramar in Wellington and is part of a supportive and fun community that we adore being a part of! Our mission at Haylo is to share our knowledge and inspire people to feel good about themselves from the inside and out, motivating self-care and wellbeing. Although we can’t do this face to face at the moment, we as a Team are connecting and working together over this time to share, using social media platforms, how we are looking after ourselves and how we can help you do the same. We’ve also taken this opportunity to stimulate our minds with the abundance of online training that is now available from the wellbeing industry and we can’t wait to share our learnings with you! We look forward to reconnecting with one another as a team, and with our clients when we return to Alert Level 2. In the meantime, take care, be kind, and stay healthy and safe in your bubbles! Team Haylo x

Every voucher purchased will receive a complimentary LED voucher

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