The Epicurean Architect


At The epicurean architect we make handcrafted, unique, freshly baked sweet and savoury treats beautifully packaged and shipped across NZ. We pride ourselves on being a sustainable food business, cooking from our own kitchen to limit resource use, made to order to reduce waste & worm farming scraps. Everything we sell is biodegradable or reusable. We pay the living wage. We really appreciate your support as we had to close over level 4 & 3 and are trying to pick up the pieces and soldier on. You can show your support by looking at our website below and forwarding/sharing with friends. Thank you so much. We really appreciate your support.

We will add an additional Lavender & Raspberry Brownie bar to all Shop It Forward orders. Please use SUPPORTNZ at checkout. We have developed a range in level 2 to enable you to say thank you to staff going above and beyond, to customers for their ongoing support of your business and to family and friends who are going through hardship and need a little love. We have The Thank You Brownie Slab, beautifully packaged and shipped for $39 within Auckland amongst many other offers found at

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